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What is 4ACG ?

Saturday 22 January 2011, by Webmestre , François Nutchey

4 acg

We refuse to keep our veteran’s pension for ourselves.

We want our veteran’s pension to be used for peace.

How was the Association born? Who are we?

“We are four former conscripts - Georges, Remi, Armand, Michel - who served in the Algerian War of Independence. At that time, we said nothing, and we did not have the courage to howl with rage our disagreement at the War to the world.
Today, while receiving a modest pension, we decided to ask the veteran’s pension and to donate it all to people who suffer from wars or to organizations working for peace.
We believe that no conflict can be permanently resolved with weapons.
What we have lived through in Algeria; the pointlessness of this conflict, the appreciation of the horrors of war and the desire to educate the younger generation of these memories, led us to create the Association.

For this purpose, on 8 January 2004, we established the Association of the Algerian War’s conscripted Veterans Against the War(AAAACG).”

(Joint Statement of the founders in January 2004)

Former conscripts, mobilized or volunteers are members of the Association, as soon as they undertake to repay their veteran’s pension to aid projects that will be decided each year by the General Assembly.
All those who wish to support the Association’s aims by paying an annual subscription, will be considered as friendly members or supporters.

4acg’s charter of values and objectives

The AAAACG is a secular association, independent of any political, religious or philosophical institutions.
- It resolutely opts to respect every person in their dignity, integrity and rights.
- It will be against anything that deprives people of right of self-determination.
- It rejects violence and war as a means of conflict resolution.

The Association declares itself particularly supportive of:
- the respect for human rights
- improving human relations, in the creation of mutual respect for solidarity and fraternity, in order to establish a relationship based on the search for peace and justice
- stand against anything that oppresses any person, in partnership with other associations.

The Association’s primary objectives are:
- financing development activities in the interests of solidarity, support, reconciliation towards the Algerian people, and for those people who suffer the consequences of war, by transferring their veteran’s pension to the Association.
- working together, with the Algerians who share the Association values, to the reconciliation of our two peoples.
- educating the young to be aware of the horrors of war by sharing the memories of what its members have lived through, including the excesses and abuses that were committed during the Algerian War of Independence
- keeping a watch on everything that can undermine dignity and human rights.

what do we do?

Some samples of projects:

TAZLA - Kabylia

Renewal of a village with new biodiversity plantation, irrigation, joint trade shop, micro-school bus, etc.

TIZI OUZOU - Algeria

Supporting women and the young in the creation and management of micro-enterprises

TAZARINE - South Morocco

Providing financing towards the equipment of a maternity hospital, and participating in the training of midwives.

MASSARAH - Palestine

Assisting the cultural center, this is a nonviolent educational establishment for children, teenagers and women, offering various educational activities.

These projects are conducted in collaboration with other associations.

Our other activities:

- to bring testimony to schools and associations, about the experience of young soldiers and conscripts facing abuse, terror, torture, trauma … and guilt.

- educating young people to be aware about the futileness of war and of the importance for them to use their free choice to decide and act against unacceptable orders or practices.

- participating in events and debates, especially those aimed at promoting peace, remembering the misdeeds of colonialism and avoiding new commitments towards those that make war.

Want to learn more:

Find here our news, objectives, actions, ongoing and funded projects, testimonials on

4ACG – 9 Chemin du Trou-Samson 95150 TAVERNY – FRANCE

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